Thursday, December 27, 2007

I've Been Tagged - 5 Little Known Facts About Me

This is my first time being tagged by a Sheree, a friend from small group study at Olive Baptist Church, and I'm not really sure how to play - but here goes. I am supposed to name 5 little known facts about myself. YIKES.

1. I don't know if you've heard of the Bible story where the woman searches high and low for a missing coin . . . well, our church was putting on a play about it and there was a box of coins (they were actually golden Mardi Gras coins I think). One of the ladies that was in the play addressed the children that were playing around on the stage after rehearsal and specifically told us to leave the coins alone. Red flag in front of a bull. Here I go, age 7, and STOLE a coin FROM the box IN MY CHURCH. To make matters worse, I hid the purloined coin in my PANTIES. You can imagine my delight when all the adults began searching for the coin (it was just like the play). My mom was onto me somehow. Probably the smug look on my face. Anyway, we left to go home. We had a Pacer at the time and when we got in the car, the coin slipped out of its hiding place and clanked on the floorboard (which was just metal - no carpet). SNAP!

Shouldn't that count for more than one?

2. When I was 13, I snuck out of the house with a friend who was spending the night to meet two boys. They were late. Something made my mother wake up. I was caught before we even met them. God was looking out for me, even when I didn't want Him to!

3. I'm a SAHM now, but I used to work as a certified legal assistant at a prestigious law firm in town (almost 10 years). I actually filmed a series of commercials with one of the founding partners. I was a local celebrity for a short period of time. Hee, hee.

4. I had back surgery when I was 21. I still have problems with my back, but before the surgery I was continually doped up on pain meds and muscle relaxers, and could barely function. In another time and place without medical technology, I would have ended up as a morphine or heroine addict.

5. I had a brother who died when I was 13. He was only 2 days old. His mother (my ex-step-mother) was a carrier of Group B strep, and by the time they figured out what was wrong, the bacteria had attacked all his major organs. What is really weird is that I was a carrier of the Group B strep during both my pregnancies as well. Without administration of antibiotics during labor and delivery . . . well . . .

HMMM . . . whom shall I tag? I'll torture: Jackie Ann and Marilee. They love to digress . . . they make me want to digress . . . oh wait, I already am . . .

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sheree said...

Neat blog, now I have you saved so I can visit often. Hope you had a great Christmas. See you soon.