Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pensacola Marathon

Jay wanted to run a marathon before he turned 40 . . . he trained and trained and on February 15th, he ran his first (and what he says is also his last) marathon. I'm extremely proud of him. I don't run at all, so it's hard for me to imagine running 26.2 miles. Of course, he was having some problems with leg and knee pain at the end, so he did walk, slowing down his finish time. BUT he finished under 5 1/2 hours, and that was what he wanted to do! Woo-Hoo!
CREDITS: Teen Angst by sherrieJD; font is 1942 Report

Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's amazing that this blessing is my daughter. No, she's not perfect (none of us is, least of all me playing the role of mom) . . . but she's certainly a gift and a blessing from God!
CREDITS: Happyology by Krystal Hartley; Inspired by PencilLines Sketch 122; font is Century Gothic


CREDITS: Orange Slices by Courtney Wilson; Flower Frames by Mira Designs; Stamp The Date Bundle by Mira Designs; Sweet Bird Alpha by Mira Designs; font is Traveling Typewriter


Another page for C.J. & Regina's wedding photo book . . .

Yes, it's about now that I'm thinking that taking over 700 pictures wasn't a great idea . . . ROFLBMO! Seriously, this is gonna be one kick-butt album!

CREDITS: Lavender Delight by JanaM Designs; Stamp The Date Vol. 2 by Mira Designs; font is Traveling Typewriter


When we were waiting in downtown Pensacola for Jay to finish his marathon, Daniel was walking and running in a field with his nanny . . . and he found this flower (ummm, yeah, I think it's a weed) . . . but he brought it to me. He is the sweetest thing. I made him keep holding the flower up until I could take his pictures. I'm pretty sure my children despise me for taking pictures all the time. Oh well. But isn't he the cutest? His face is all scrunched up because the sun was just starting to come through some storm clouds. Such sweetness.
CREDITS: Sunshiny Day Element Pack and Paper Pack by Corina Nielsen (some hues altered); Words With A Twist by Sherry Ferguson; font is Traveling Typewriter

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


During all the craziness of Olivia's sleepover, I was able to take a few minutes and snap some shots that were more sedate. I love this photo of Olivia, how calm and relaxed and peaceful she is. Granted, she was only like this for say thirty seconds, but I was glad I was able to catch this side of her on her birthday.
CREDITS: Tranquility by Julie Marie Designs; Tattered Meshes by Studio Manu; scraplift of Natalie's layout "Poolside Fun"; font is Traveling Typewriter

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bedtime: Traveling Through Your Imagination

CREDITS: Flying Dreams: The Storybook Collection by Lorie Davison available at Scrapbookgraphics 2/23/09; font is Times and Times Again


CREDITS: Lovie Dovie by Jeannette Bollinger; Flocked Overlays 2 by Christina Renee Designs; Ribbon from Pretty Things by arti-bytes; fonts are Stamp and Stamp Act

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Darling

I completed this layout for the Faith Sisters Challenge {He Believes In You}.

CREDITS: Lovie Dovie by Jeannette Bollinger; Word Cloud from Wordle using Song of Solomon 1:15; sketch by Karen; font is SS Whimsy

Splash In The Rain

CREDITS: Live It All Glitter Photomasks, Color Theory: Silver, Moonlit, Gypsy Painting all by ViVa Artistry; font is 1942 Report

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm In Love

CREDITS: Love At First Sight by Vera Lim; font is Traveling Typewriter

Sweet Heart

CREDITS: He Loves Me, Love Birds and Dreamland Princess by A+ Designs; font is Traveling Typewriter

Now I Know My ABCs ~ ATC

A fun little artist trading card . . .
CREDITS: Teal Time {ATC Collection} by Studio Tangie and sherrieJD; font is Traveling Typewriter

The Love of a Mother

This layout was completed for the bonus challenge for the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race. I can't believe how quickly this 6 week challenge went by!
CREDITS: Paper Pack Vol. 3 by Valorie Brown; 17 Cherry Tree Lane Collab by Studio Tangie and Studio Flergs; February Grab Bag by Jule Designs; Teal Time ATC Collab by Studio Tangie and sherrieJD; Enchanted Art Box 2 by Studio Tangie and sherrieJD; Thoughts by MK Designs

Before I had children, I often wondered how parents could love their offspring equally. Those thoughts only intensified after I had Olivia. She was everything I had dreamed of in a daughter, and I could not imagine having any love left in my heart for another child. Those thoughts, combined with my career, led me to choose to be the mother of an only child for five years. I was certain that I would not have any more children. And then my feelings overcame my thoughts. I began to desperately long for another child. That longing took over two years to be fulfilled. During that time, I continued to doubt myself, often wondering if I would be able to have enough love for both children in my heart. The arrival of Daniel answered all those questions and eased my doubts. Seeing Olivia with him, watching her love blossom like a rose, made my HEART feel as if it would burst. What I came to realize was that I had plenty of love in my HEART for both of them. My mother’s love is as DIVERSE as my children. While I don’t love them the same, I love them equally. I love them to the depth and breadth and height my soul can be when feeling out of sight, to the ends of my being.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tangie Baxter Creative Team Call - Deadline 2/25/09

Spirit of Summer Charity Collab for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal

Spirit of Summer is a charity collab benefiting the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. Not only has this effected Australians, but human beings the world over. Twenty-nine Australian and international designers have banded together to help support many Australians, animals and communities decimated by one Australia's worse national disasters.

What happened? On Saturday, Feb 7, the temperature in Melbourne was 33C by 9am. By noon it was 40C and by 2:50 pm soared to 47.9C (a state record). Thousands of people were also about to start running from the inferno that would become one of Australia's worst peacetime disasters. Trees ignited in the blink of an eye. By the time people heard the roar, it was too late to flee ahead of the flames. Unfortunately no one or thing could have stopped this inferno that wiped out communities, bushland, and lives within minutes. Many towns now cease to exist! After watching interviews with survivors, many say that they can't put into words what they went through, saw or felt on that day.

Why is this charity kit different? No money will change hands at Snap N Tag (the host website). We are asking for your support by donating DIRECTLY to one of the following charities: The Salvation Army or the Australian Red Cross.

What do you get for your donation and where: You will be helping the people of Victoria, Australia most importantly, but you will also receive this amazing MEGA kit (see below). There are 167 papers, 326 elements, 2 Alphas and a glitter syles pack as well.How amazingly fabulous is that and you can receive all of this for as little as a $5.00 donation. (**Vouchers will be emailed upon receipt of proof of Donation**) But that's not all! For showing us how much you all really care, you not only get the MEGA kit but receive a Quickpage Album if you donate over $10.00.

You can visit the ScrapNTag website here for more details: Spirit of Summer Charity Collab at ScrapNTag.

Here's my first layout made with this HUGE collab:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something New

CREDITS: Something New by Jana M Designs; quote by Astrid Alauda; font is Love Letter


Oh. My. Word.

I won a Nikon Cool Pix camera from ScrapNWin!

I am so excited. I just received an email, but I don't see that it's on their site yet. But goodness gracious. I am so happy! What a blessing!

You can check out the ScrapNWin site here: SCRAPNWIN. They have monthly prizes as well as an annual grand prize.

This is my entry:

A Gift Of Love

CREDITS: Spring Flings and Easter Things by Newlife Dreams Designs available at Shabby Pickle Designs 2/20/09; fonts are Brandywine and Stamp

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On Top Of The World

Daniel running around on Sunday while we were waiting on Jay to finish his first marathon.
CREDITS: Going Buggy Collab by Chaos Lounge and Melissa Daniel; Detention Alpha by Krystal Hartley; Project 365 by Dawn Inskip; font is Splendid 66

A Smile Is A Curve

Olivia on her birthday . . .
CREDITS: Going Buggy Collab by Chaos Lounge and Melissa Daniel; Perhaps Love Photo Masks by Chaos Lounge; font is Aquiline

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Olivia celebrating the #12 birthday with some friends . . .
CREDITS: February Flower Garden by Meredith Cardall; font is ParmaPetit-Heavy Swinging

Just The Way You Are

I host the Paper2Digi Challenge over at Get Digi With It and for the second February challenge, we are lifting the paper layout of Allison Schubert. The point of the challenge is to be inspired by a paper scrapped layout and attempt to recreate the look with colors, layering and shadowing. I "think" that studying paper scrapped layouts has really made a different in the way I digi scrap.

Anyway, here's Allison's layout "Just The Way You Are" (and isn't her daughter just the cutest thing you have ever seen - what a doll!):

Her layout is so incredible and I'm just amazed at her paper scrapping skills. Thanks, Allison, for sharing your creativity and inspiring others to become better scrappers!

And here's my scraplift, digi style:

CREDITS: Cottage Charm Paper Pack, Element Set and Add On Kit and Pressed In Time by Raspberry Road Designs; Fonts are Traveling Typewriter and Freebooter Script; scraplift of Allison Schubert's paper layout "Just The Way You Are" @ TwoPeas

Monday, February 16, 2009

P is for Play

Daniel having some fun at a mini park near the library.
CREDITS: Park Play Paper Pieces by Jacque Larsen; Grunge Alpha Thingies by Krystal Hartley; Sweet Papers by Jacque Larsen; Playroom by Laura Bratcher; Fiddle-de-dee by Laura Bratcher; Friendship by Miss Tiina; Date It Bundle by Miss Tiina; font is Portable Remington


I've been waiting for the perfect time to unveil this beauty - and Krystal designed another fabulous kit that was just the right thing at the right time. So here he is, folks: Uncle Tom. He was such a good sport about our taking his picture. We had quite a few good laughs on his behalf. YUP. I know. Pretty unbelievable. ROFLMBO!
CREDITS: Oh, No You Didn't! by Krystal Hartley; font is King Cool KC

Happy Birthday To You

Olivia on Friday afternoon, opening a couple of CDs from mom & dad . . .
CREDITS: Surprise Party by Michelle Batton; font is Love Ya Like A Sister

Yes, we are.

Here it is. Our final layout for the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race.

AND . . . our layout was picked for the Layout of the Day blog.

You can view our page on the LOTD Blog here:

Friday, February 13, 2009


This past weekend, my family got together and had a pizza night. We had a good time just hanging and talking.

And . . . for the first time . . . Jessy and Shane let me take their picture without too much protest. And Shane smiled! GASP! LOL! I think they are a beautiful couple.

So what ya think, Jessy? Me? I say that's one gorgeous woman!

CREDITS: Laetitia by lauraskathi; font is Portable Remington

Thursday, February 12, 2009

She Is An Original

Another pic from our family pizza night. Abi is such a model-wannabe! I love that she will strike a pose for me with only the slightest hesitation. I think she might have a career mapped out early.
CREDITS: Mary Mary: The Entire Garden by sherrieJD; Altered States Alpha by sherrieJD; Sketch 120 by Celine Navarro from; font is Portable Remington

Love. Period.

Another photo from the Flirt Session with CJ and Regina . . .
CREDITS: XOXOXO by Mira Designs; font is Love Letter

Young Love

These are my maternal grandparents. When this photo was taken, they were dating. They are on the pier in front of the Andrew Jackson Hotel that no longer exists . . . but at that time there was a dance pavilion and it was the place to hang out. At present day, the site is now the home of Andrew Jackson Estates (a subdivision) and there is a park located next to it.
CREDITS: Hopelessly Devoted Collab by Studio Tangie and Sugarplum Paperie; fonts are Dear Joe Four and Traveling Typewriter

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Story Our Life

Cinzia has a new kit, Romanza, and I love, love, love it. It was perfect for this photo of me and Jay that was taken at Christmas.
CREDITS: Romanza by Cinzia Loosemore at Digital Freebies and Sunshine Studio Scraps; font is Fusi

Made For Each Other

Another page for CJ and Regina's wedding photo book . . .
CREDITS: Blissful Fantasy by Raspberry Road Designs; font is Freebooter Script

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sometimes Prickly

So Olivia is very good natured about this layout . . . so I have to admit that she's definitely more SWEET than prickly . . . but she definitely has her moments. Ahhh, but don't we all. I've just noticed more and more that either I get THIS look or I get a gorgeous smile. We're weathering through these shifts from sweet to prickly (on her part AND on mine), and I hope we come out on the other side the best of friends.
CREDITS: Sweet Papers and Sweet Stuff by Jacque Larsen; Toobox 26 Element Templates by Tracy Blankenship; font is Century Gothic

Football Fan

Abi's a Gators fan!
CREDITS: (Everything available at Funky Playground Designs)
Paper Pack Vol. 03 by Valorie Brown; Stencil Buttons by Miss Tiina; Circle Shapes from Dress Me Up! Trees by Miss Tiina; Photography Overlays Vol. 1 by Corina Nielsen; Whimsy Doodles - Love by Miss Tiina; Journaling Label from Love Struck Feb Collab by FPD Designers; Bird and blue string from Fiddle-de-dee by Laura Bratcher; Flower from Playroom by Laura Bratcher; Sparkle border from Friendship by Miss Tiina; fonts are Shortcut and Pea Kel's Belles

Love Birds Bliss

CREDITS: Mystery Case {February 2009} by Studio Tangie; Drafts and Blueprints {Bundle 4} by DeCrow Designs and Studio Tangie; font is Verdant

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Embrace Me

CREDITS: Embrace Me by ViVa Artistry; Destroyed Paper Template and Overlay Set by Scrapidea Timkova; fonts are Love Letter and Downcome

Sweet Life

CREDITS: Simplicity by Traci Murphy; Date It! Bundle by Miss Tiina; Little Tittles: Love Words by Pamela Donnis; Template by Kristin Tilley; font is Traveling Typewriter

Saturday, February 7, 2009

That's What She Said

This for ADSR4's Challenge 10 ~ basically had to interview my race partner, Mirjam. I decided to ask her questions about her LOVE and this is the result:
CREDITS: Drafts and Blueprints Bundle Two by Studio Tangie and DeCrow Designs; Doodleydoos Tweet Hearts by DeCrow Designs; Lot 98: Flashion Cards Urban by Studio Tangie; Fanpire Revamped by Studio Tangie; font is Verdana

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pensacola Beach

This is for Challenge 9 of the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race ~ hosted by KB & Friends. The challenge is called "Generations" and required that a photo showing at least two generations was used on the page. I've been wanting to scrap this picture for a while, but it's just never come together. This challenge was the perfect opportunity to really push myself a little bit. This is my grandmother, my mother and my aunt, sometime in the mid 1950's.
CREDITS: All papers and elements designed by Lorie Davison @ Scrapbookgraphics: Archive, Bloomin Springy, Clippity Snippets, Flittery Sparkles, Rough To The Touch; font is 1942 Report

Just Beginning Her Ride On The Carousel

The Hot Product at DigiShopTalk for February is a GORGEOUS collab by Catrine and Birgit called Carousel, available at CatScrap. The soft colors of this collection, combined with some truly precious elements, make for a kit you can reach for repeatedly.
CREDITS: Carousel Collab by catrine & birgit; fonts are Pass The Chex and Traveling Typewriter

Monday, February 2, 2009

How Do I Love Thee?

CREDITS: White Almond Kiss Add On by ah! Designs; Date Bits 11 by Misty Cato; font is Times and Times Again

Hot Kisses

This is for the "Hearts A Fire" Scrap Challenge over at Scrap N Win . . . a chance to win a Nikon Cool Pix camera . . . I had to try . . .
CREDITS: Smitten With You and Smitten With You Add On by Raspberry Road Designs; font is MA Sexy

You Brighten My Day

CREDITS: Misty Spring by ViVa Artistry (it's a freebie at The Daily Scrapper!); fonts are Be Safe and Bulky Refuse Type

never forget

A little early Valentine for my sweetie . . .
CREDITS: Love Struck, Funky Playground Designs February Collab; font is Traveling Typewriter

I Will Always Love You

CREDITS: The Romantic Grab Bag Collaboration by Chaos Lounge and MickeyB Designs; font is Pea Allison