Monday, February 28, 2011

sweet baby of mine

CREDITS:  Cotton Candy - Super Bundle by Dunia Designs, Loreta Labarca and Studio Basic; font is Teletype

game of love

CREDITS:  It's All Fun and Games by Jenn Barrette, Julie Billingsley & Libby Pritchett; Like Mother Like Daughter Set 3 by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs; fonts are Teletype and Arsenale White

good times

My sister hosted a fantastic Mardi Gras party on Saturday night. What a hostess! The house was beautifully decorated, the food was amazing, and there were tons of friends and family there. Great music and lots of talking.  I only regret I didn't get a picture with my sister!  Thanks for having us over, Anna!

CREDITS:  Got Beads? by Faith True and Tracie Stroud; font is Teletype

Saturday, February 26, 2011

pretty as a posey

CREDITS:  Posey Pinwheels by DeCrow Designs and Tracie Stroud Designs; Photo Splits Doubles by DeCrow Designs; font is Typewriter


Another page for my art journal.

CREDITS:  Designs by Studio Tangie

Art Journal Caravan Provisions {Parcel 06}
Art Journal Caravan Provisions {Parcel 07}
Art Journal Caravan Provisions {Parcel 08}
Art Journal Caravan Provisions {Parcel 12}
Art Journal Caravan Provisions {Parcel 20}
Art Journal Caravan {Expedition 2011}
The Compendium of Day Dreams
Altered Art Sampler A
Wonderland Fever Week Lot No. 79 {Curious Adventures}
Cirque Joyeux

Font is Butterbrotpapier

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011


CREDITS:  Window To My Heart by Studio Lorie; font is Teletype

Great Moments

CREDITS:  Great Moments by Studio Re Kneipp; Template Freebie 1 by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs; font is Arsenale White

remember today

CREDITS:  Everyday Moments by Lauren Grier and Jenn Barrette; font is Arsenale White

Saturday, February 19, 2011

oh so lovely

CREDITS:  Formal Elegance by Eva Kipler and Krystal Hartley; font is Century Gothic

good night

CREDITS:  . . . sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite! by FruitLoOp Sally and Zinnias and Swallowtails; font is Print Clearly

B is for Beauty & Brains

CREDITS:  B Is For . . . by Meghan Mullens, Featured Product at DSA for February 2011; font is PreludeFLF

A is for Amazing

CREDITS:  A Is For . . .  by Meghan Mullens; font:  What Do We Do All Day

young and in love

CREDITS:  Love Letters by Studio Rosey Posey; fonts are VTKS Ink and Stamp

Friday, February 18, 2011


CREDITS:  The Compendium of Day Dreams by Studio Tangie; Smitten with SBG Collab; font is Mock Turtle by Studio Tangie

your love lifts me

CREDITS:  Discovery of the Heart by Studio Rosey Posey; font is Typewriter_Condensed

sweet like candy

CREDITS:  Lulu's Candy Shop by Irene Alexeeva; font is Traveling Typewriter

Thursday, February 17, 2011

a little birdie told me: you are delightful

CREDITS:  de*light and de*light word art and extras by DeCrow Designs; February Member Spotlight Challenge Template at Scrap Orchard; font is Pea Nic Script

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


CREDITS:  Flea Market Bundle by ETC by Danyale; Fuss Free: Peek-A-Boo Set One by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs; font is Amy


CREDITS: Something To Love by Sweet Tomato Designs and Fix Two Pack by Fizzy Pop Designs, both part of DSA's The Fix for February 2011; font is Honey Script

love birds

CREDITS:  Love Birds by Ramona the Pest, part of DSA's The Fix for February 2011; font is Impervious

room with a view

CREDITS:  I Will Always by Irene Alexeeva; font is Throw My Hands Up In The Air and Typewriter_Condensed

totally in love

CREDITS:  Kisses by Kristin Aagard; font is Orator

Saturday, February 12, 2011

you make my heart sing

CREDITS:  White As Snow by HGD by Laurie Ann featured on The Daily Scrapper; font is Quilted Butterfly


CREDITS:  Blossom by Meta Welandari Design and Studio Q; Template from MScraps February Template Challenge by Queen of Hearts; font is Teletype


CREDITS:  AJC 2011 Provisions Parcel No. 5 by Studio Tangie; AJC Expedition 2011 by Studio Tangie; AJC Expedition 2010 Steamer Trunk by Studio Tangie; quote by Mark Twain; font is Teletype

Friday, February 11, 2011


CREDITS:  Sunblushed by Polly & Rufus; Template by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs for the MScraps March 2011 Template Challenge (coming soon!); font is Pea Kensey


Another page for my art journal.

CREDITS: AJC 2011 Parcel 7 by Studio Tangie; font is Airplanes in the Night Sky

love me

CREDITS:  Happenstance by Studio Tangie; Love Me Little, Love Me Long by Anonymous; font is Typewriter


CREDITS:  Queen of Hearts by Fiddlette Designs; font is Henry Morgan Hand

your love

CREDITS:  Heart Wishes by Irene Alexeeva; font is Qwerty

little sister Great Beauty

CREDITS:  Vanilla Noir by Quirky Twerp; Fuss Free:  Peek-A-Boo Set One by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs; font is Quilted Butterfly

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my love

CREDITS:  My Love by Amanda Rockwell, Feb 2010 DST Gold Member Kit; InpRint Alpha by Studio Rosey Posey; font is CK Magnificent

counting my blessings

CREDITS:  Thankful For You by Geek Chic Designs (New To You Designer, Feb 2011, DST's The Insider); Fuss Free:  Portraits Set One by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs; font is Traveling Typewriter

heart strings

CREDITS:  Heartbreaker by Stolen Moments (Feb Guest at 9th & Bloom); Sidekicks Pack 20 by Fizzy Pop Designs; font is Old Newspaper Types

Sunday, February 6, 2011

be this be that

CREDITS:  Queen of Cakes Collab by Studio Tangie and Holliewod Designs; fonts are Jailbird Jenna and Jellyka Saint-Andrew's Queen

shut up & kiss me!

CREDITS:  Happiness is . . . by Damayanti Studio; Paper Hearts Templates by Fizzy Pop Designs; font is Pea Kensey

oh! that's a sweet love

CREDITS:  Oh!  That's A Sweet Love by Re Kneipp; Sidekicks Pack No. 20 by Fizzy Pop Designs; font are Century Gothic and Quilted Butterfly

Friday, February 4, 2011


Jay has been bringing me fresh roses since beginning of the year and I'm really enjoying it!

CREDITS:  Vintage Valentine by Tracie Stroud; font is Pea Missy Cursive

Thursday, February 3, 2011

i carry your heart

CREDITS:  Smooches by Nikki Beaudreau; Fuss Free:  AN Template Challenge Freebie February 2011; font is Walkway


CREDITS: Moon River by Irene Alexeeva; font is Traveling Typewriter

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Oh, my sweet little nephew! Couldn't you just squidgy him?

CREDITS:  Handle With Care by Kasia Designs; font is Traveling Typewriter

hog heaven

CREDITS:  Heart Flutters by Irene Alexeeva; Matchstick Photo Action by M4H Photography; fonts are QT Pie and Traveling Typewriter