Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bad Karma Will Follow You

Calvinball Layout #7. There is no point to this photo, other than it greatly amused me to find it in the restroom of an antique mall . . . so amused that I took the photo and then spent the entirety of the day exclaiming "bad karma will follow you!" Just a silly funny memory of a shopping day.

You know, sometimes I feel guilty for scrapping memories like this, like it isn't important enough. I had so much fun making this silly layout . . . sometimes you just have to have a sense of humor!

Brave by Bella Gypsy (brown alpha) by Bella Gypsy
Everything Nice Bundle (blue alpha) by Bella Gypsy
Potty Time by Kristin Aagard
Font is Tw Cn MT

Watch me scrap this layout:

1 comment:

Jill W. said...

that photo is too, too funny! I'm glad you got such entertainment out of it, I often wonder if the people who make those type of signs wonder about how they impact the people that see them throughout the day.
super cute layout.