Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I'm participating in Calvinball over at Get It Scrapped. It's basically a way to help you keep focused on making layouts and/or finishing projects. The event lasts the entire month of March 2016. There are no prizes or winners announced ~ essentially, it's just having bragging rights. There are a number of ways to earn points and obviously one of the main ways to earn points is to make layouts.

Personally, I'm keeping track of my points, but I'm not in it to get the most points or most layouts at all. I'll be delighted if I can get 30-45 layouts completed this month, and I'll consider myself a winner if I meet my personal goal. I attempted to complete the Month of Challenges at The Lilypad where I sell my templates, and I did pretty good, but there was just too much going on with it being my second month having my store opened there.

I'm enjoying rubbing shoulders with a lot of paper scrappers at Get It Scrapped. There are quite a few of them that make scrapbooking process videos that I love to watch and be inspired by. Also, they are very generous with their sincere comments on layouts, so if you are looking for an open gallery to share your layouts in, this might be the place for you. Just remember to leave as much love as you receive at a minimum!

Maybe I'll see some of you over there! There's no deadline to enter or anything, just jump in and join when you can!

Say Cheese 2016 Bundle by Pink Reptile Designs
Doodled Paper Alpha by Kate Hadfield
Waiting For Spring by Little Butterfly Wings
Font is Typewriter PG

Watch me scrap this layout:

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Tina Campbell said...

Super cute layout and enjoy Calvinball :) Looks like the place to be this month :)