Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lanterns Like Flowers

"By now the trees were quite black, the sky was gone but round about hung the coloured lanterns, like flowers. She would have liked to walk round and kiss each one." Karin Michaels from "The First Party" (translated from Danish)

So if you know me, you know I have a small obsession with lamps/soft lighting of any kind. I really love lanterns like these, but have held off on decorating our gazebo with them because they wouldn't hold up in the weather. We're talking about putting a cover on our patio and doing away with the gazebo (which has lasted 3 years, but is now in the midst of its final death throes). I think if we get the cover, then I'll definitely have to put up these lanterns AND I'll have to put this quote up as a wall hanging, too. I love it. Yes, I know I'm odd, but I really identify with wanting to walk round and kiss each one. Aren't they just fat and happy?

CREDITS: Eastern Whisper by DeCrow Designs; quote from "The First Party" by Karin Michaels; photo from stockxchng; font is 2Peas Arizona

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ellen s. said...

oh my. those lanters are gorgeous. just makes me want to relax. beautiful