Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Love of a Mother

This layout was completed for the bonus challenge for the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race. I can't believe how quickly this 6 week challenge went by!
CREDITS: Paper Pack Vol. 3 by Valorie Brown; 17 Cherry Tree Lane Collab by Studio Tangie and Studio Flergs; February Grab Bag by Jule Designs; Teal Time ATC Collab by Studio Tangie and sherrieJD; Enchanted Art Box 2 by Studio Tangie and sherrieJD; Thoughts by MK Designs

Before I had children, I often wondered how parents could love their offspring equally. Those thoughts only intensified after I had Olivia. She was everything I had dreamed of in a daughter, and I could not imagine having any love left in my heart for another child. Those thoughts, combined with my career, led me to choose to be the mother of an only child for five years. I was certain that I would not have any more children. And then my feelings overcame my thoughts. I began to desperately long for another child. That longing took over two years to be fulfilled. During that time, I continued to doubt myself, often wondering if I would be able to have enough love for both children in my heart. The arrival of Daniel answered all those questions and eased my doubts. Seeing Olivia with him, watching her love blossom like a rose, made my HEART feel as if it would burst. What I came to realize was that I had plenty of love in my HEART for both of them. My mother’s love is as DIVERSE as my children. While I don’t love them the same, I love them equally. I love them to the depth and breadth and height my soul can be when feeling out of sight, to the ends of my being.

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