Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lucky Goldfish

CREDITS:  ARTist to ARTist Tales of the Orient by sherrieJD; fonts are Firefly Castle and Pea Shannon
Journaling:  i love to rememberhaving breakfast with mama last september, and then walking outside to enjoy her garden.  one of the best features is hergoldfish pond, which exists because a tree was uprooted after Hurricane Ivan in 2004.  Journaling (Left):  mama had always wanted a goldfish pond, but the expense and effort made it an unlikely addition.  and then fate stepped in.  in the fall of 2004, a hurricane uprooted a tree by the patio, making the perfect hole for a goldfish pond. mama was devastated to lose the tree and from just the utter devastation in the garden, but she was able to see ahead and realize the blessing in disguise.

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Pearl said...

this is just gorgeous Cheryl ! all the Chinese elements !