Friday, January 1, 2010


This layout is for Week One of the Art Journal Caravan. There are a number of challenges for the week, but I started with the "choose one word" prompt. This is the word I'll be focusing on throughout my art journal journey. I chose within . . . I need to do some major examining of myself and stop looking about me, so that's why I chose the word.
CREDITS: Art Journal Caravan {Parcel One} by Studio Tangie with Amanda Sexton; Four and Twenty Blackbirds by Studio Tangie; Vintage Ad Words Sampler by Studio Tangie; Midnight in the Parlor by Studio Tangie; Glamour Labels One by Studio Tangie; Dia De Los Muertos by Studio Tangie and sherrieJD; Apothecary Labels One by Studio Tangie; A Merry Autumn Night by Studio Tangie and Miss Crow/Clever Crow Designs; Green With Envy ATC Collection by Studio Tangie and sherrieJD

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SherryD said...

Beautifully done! My impression, fed by your choice of items, is that "within" is a focus on the beauty within one rather than external appearances. I can see that this is going to be a wonderful theme to return to again and again.