Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lanterns of Love

I found this poem by Travis J. Morgan entitled "Lightning Bug" and just thought it was perfect!

Dusk falls,
and on the tips of bent blades
little glowing heartbeats rise
illuminating the darkness

Lanterns of love
hovering through the air
their tails set afire
lovers blinking night affair

Moons mini murmurs
levitations of light
pulses of passion
fashioned in flight

Golden stars of the land,
echo nights constellated sky,
astral illuminations,
of the stellar firefly

CREDITS: Background paper from Make Merry Collab by sherrieJD and Studio Tangie; Sprites Collection: Fire Flitters by sherrieJD; "Lightning Bug" by Travis J. Morgan; font is Traveling Typewriter


Anonymous said...

You are the lantern of my love reflected back at me.


Papertrails by a paper lover said...

love this Cheryl! Your work amazes me!!!