Thursday, November 13, 2008


Some days it is just so hard to be nice, to spread happiness to others. That danged internal weight I carry around in the form of misplaced guilt or self-hatred should just hit the road. Why can't I always radiate happiness to others? What is going on that keeps me so wrapped up within myself that I can't see the needs of others? There are some days when I'm just Little Cindy Who, spreading joy and sunshine to all around me with no effort whatsoever (true, I'm usually in a serotonin uptake inhibited state), but then the others that cost me little chunks of myself when I grin in spite of the downright stinky feelings I have on the inside. Why can't it be easier? So I just say it: Happiness. May it always radiate from me. It's there, deep inside me. Just gotta tap into it.
CREDITS: Papers and elements from ~ Me ~ The True Story Mini Kit by Tangie Baxter @ Tangie Baxter Designs; Template by julifish; font is Astonished

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Regina said...

Seeing you always makes me happy!