Thursday, March 2, 2017

Carpe 2017

I'm participating in Calvinball over at Get It Scrapped. It's basically a way to help you keep focused on making layouts and/or finishing projects. The event lasts the entire month of March 2017. There are no prizes or winners announced ~ essentially, it's just having bragging rights. There are a number of ways to earn points and obviously one of the main ways to earn points is to make layouts.

Last year was my first year participating. My goal then was to get 30-45 layouts completed, and I wasn't really focused on points. I actually ended up getting 71 layouts completed AND I racked up 630 points . . . ending up in first place!

So this year, I'm participating again, hoping that I'll meet last year's number of layouts and trying to defend my spot in first place. LOL Unfortunately, I'm struggling with my back issues and my computer time is more limited than last year. I'm really going to have to focus on time management if I want to get 71 layouts done. 

Come join in if you need some friendly encouragement to get layouts and/or projects finished. There's no deadline to enter - just join in when you can!

So here's my first layout. This is my son enjoying his New Year's cupcake. He's such a good sport because he was really ready to eat that cupcake, but he stopped and gave me a nice smile so I could record his little treat.

New Leaf by ForeverJoy Designs
Fonts are Bohemian Typewriter and Stamp

Watch me scrap this layout:


Maribeth Robison said...

Love this layout. Will watch the process video today during downtime at work. I am participating in Calvinball as well and this layout really stood out in the gallery for me.

Cheryl said...

Thanks Maribeth! Hope you enjoy watching the video and happy scrapping!