Sunday, August 30, 2009

You Drive Me Nuts

Journaling reads: Yes, this little saying has come around full circle. It started when I tried to find a way to express my frustration without giving in to foul language. And it was perfect, because there were days I thought I was losing my mind after listening to your endless chatter and questions. Then one day when I was asking you to clean up your toys, you looked at me very exasperated and said, “You’re driving me nuts, Mama.” It took me by surprise and I laughed immediately. This was a mistake because you realized that you could use it to your advantage. I think we’ve both moved on to other phrases, but at the end of your 3rd year and into the beginning of your 4th, this was something you could hear daily at our house.
CREDITS: Build Your Own Collab: Sibling Rivalry at Enchanted Studio Scraps; font is Patricia

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