Monday, January 9, 2012

Under My Wing

Created for Studio Tangie's free blog mini workshop "My Vision for 2012" ~ Health Prompt #1

 The focus of my layout is that prayer and meditation, reading of the Bible and inner reflection is the most healthy thing I can do for myself. The story revealed on my page is that I am often lost, wandering around, gazing at stars ~ looking for answers in all the wrong places. Then I remember to seek refuge in God. He keeps me under his wing, protecting me from all kinds of harm. I find solace and wisdom in Him. He makes be believe in my uniqueness and that there is a special path just for me to trod upon in this life. He helps me keep my heart safe and He helps me focus so that I can hear my heart, where He resides. Most of all, through loving Him, I learn to love myself.

CREDITS: AJC 2011 Parcel 50 by Studio Tangie and Studio Berna; Watercolor Vignette Papers by Studio Tangie; Splatter Graffiti Masks 7 by Studio Tangie; Virtuosity by Studio Tangie; Journal Anthology 7 by Studio Tangie; Journal Anthology 3 by Studio Tangie; She Found Her Bliss by Studio Tangie; Me ~ The True Story by Studio Tangie; Photo "Praying For You" by stock.xchng user abcdz2000 NOTE: All Studio Tangie products can be found at Scrapbookgraphics.

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